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Episode 2: Wang Chung And The Corridor Of Trees

20 Games in 40 Minutes. This Week: Why EA MMA is still magical, how Spec Ops: The Line puts you under pressure and why you need to play Asura's Wrath. Also: Wang Chung.


Episode 1: Chinny Reckoning And The Broken Perfect Videogame

20 Games in 40 Minutes. This Week: Why Soul Calibur V is maddening, why Ghost Trick is one of the smartest games on iOS and why Yakuza: Dead Souls is a forgivable trudge. Also: Chinny Reckoning.

Episode Index: Episodes 50-99

Episode 99 Chet’s Top Ten 10. DmC: Devil May Cry (Playstation 3) 9. Flappy Bird (iOS) 8. Warframe (Playstation 4) 7. Rekoil (Xbox 360) 6. Killer Instinct (Xbox One) 5. …

Episode Index: Episodes 1-49

Episode 49 Chet’s Top Ten  10. Zello (iOS) 9. Retro Pixel Racers (Xbox 360) 8. Tin Man Can (iOS) 7. Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 (Playstation 3) …