Monthly Archives: April 2012


Episode 11: Last Blood

20 Games In 40 Minutes. This week: what the hell's going on in Fez, why Sniper Elite V2 is a psycho's delight, and why Pandora's Tower is a fitting swansong for the Wii. Also: Rambo.


Clip: Getting Drunk In The Witcher 2

Listen to Jon chatting about how getting smashed in The Witcher 2 is amazing.


The Truth About Embargoes

As a preface to this article, I should probably give a bit of info on my own background. I’ve been a professional games critic/journalist/whatever for close to 7 years now, …


Clip – Fez

Hear Chet and Jon try to wrap their heads around the mystery that is Fez


Episode 10: The Bastard Son Of 100 Pikmin

20 Games in 40 Minutes. This week: Why Trials Evolution is the best XBLA game ever, why Fez is unravelling our brains, and why getting pissed in The Witcher 2 is amazing. Also: Killer Shigsy.


Clip: Lone Survivor

Jon's been raving about Lone Survivor. Check out this clip to see why.


Clip: Ridge Racer Unbounded

Hear Chet get stuck into Namco's unusual Ridge Racer Unbounded