Monthly Archives: December 2012


Xmas Special #1: The Finest Games Of The 2012

Xmas Special! Chet And Jon break down their top 20 games of the year... each!


Video: Is Black Ops 2 Better On Wii U?

All new video content! Chet dives into the online servers in Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 On Wii U, and likes what he finds.


Episode 42: A Layer Of Pointlessness

20 Games In 40 Minutes. This week: what lurks beneath in Shark Attack Deathmatch, why Ovary Overload isn't impenetrable, and why now's the time to revisit Mirror's Edge. Also: Pointlessness.


Episode 41: Is Paul Reiser In It?

20 Games In 40 Minutes. This week: how The Walking Dead is like Vanquish, why you need to help Dikembo Mutmbo save the world, and what makes Guardians Of Middle Earth a great first MOBA. Also: Paul Reiser.


Clip: ZombiU

The horror continues. Hear about the expert horror in ZombiU.


Clip: Aliens Colonial Marines

Chet gets stuck into Aliens Colonial Marines. See what he thinks.


Clip: Virtue’s Last Reward

Jon wraps his head around the bizarre Virtue's Last Reward on Vita.