Monthly Archives: April 2013


Episode 60: Pure Ham

20 Games In 40 Minutes. This week: how Rad Raygun out retros Retro City Rampage, what made Jon finally understand Hotline Miami, and cross-dimensional combat in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Also: Ham.


Video: Rad Raygun Review

Chet discovers another minor XBLIG gem: TRU FUN's enjoyable platforming blaster Rad Raygun.


Video: Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

Jon goes toe-to-toe with NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat follow-up Injustice: Gods Among Us.


Episode 59: The Forgotten Pops

20 Games In 40 Minutes. This week: how Injustice Gods Among Us keeps the MK momentum going, why Among The Sleep is everything that's good about PC gaming right now, and what the hell is S.D.G.T? Also: the forgotten pops.


Video: Battlefield 3: My Week In Batters vol. 7

There ain't nothin' wrong with a little bit o' Batters... unless a ceaseless parade of mugs has come to ruin the party. No spoilers here boi.


Video: S.D.G.T. Review

Chet chimes in on the surprisingly gripping new XBLIG exclusive S.D.G.T.


Episode 58: The Unwashed Boys Of CEX

20 Games In 40 Minutes. This week: more unadulterated BioShock Infinite love, why Fire Emblem Awakening is another 3DS must-have, and what prompted Chet to play The Flying Dead. Also: unwashed CEXy boys.