Monthly Archives: September 2013

Video: Foul Play Review

Mediatonic's side-scrawling co-op brawler is a solidly enjoyable proposition, let down by its slightly daft excess of content.

Episode 81: The Pizza Hut Bit Is A Joke, Ha Ha

20 Games In Almost 40 Minutes, But Not Really. This week: rib-tickling freestyle in Project Rap, piss-piddly goals in FIFA 14 and needless gas on GTA V. Also: sophisticated, scripted humour about fast food.

Video: FIFA 14 Review

How does FIFA 14 compare to FIFA 13 and (more importantly) PES 2014?

Video: Power Up Review

An enthusiastic thumbs-up for Psychotic Psoftware's new XBLIG shooter Power Up.

Video: GTA V: The First Twelve Hours

Chet and Jon discuss their first twelve hours with Rockstar's long-awaited crime epic.


Episode 80: Grand Theft Awesome

20 Games In Whatever. This week: dropped jaws in The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, unforgettable goals in PES 2014, and blown minds in Grand Theft Auto V. Awesome.

Video: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Review

Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer series is back on stunning form, and here's why.