Monthly Archives: November 2013


Episode 90: Can’t Have A Combat

20 Games In Some Time. This week: how the Xbox One drives a mad man even madder, why Ryse might be better than you think, and how Killer Instinct is an impressive hollow shell. Also: Non-possession Of Pugilism.

Video: Ryse: Son of Rome Review

Crytek's Xbox One actioner is real bimbo of a launch game... but brilliantly entertaining for the most part.

Video: Crimson Dragon Review

The return of the Panzer Dragoon series turns out to be one of the biggest disappointments of the Xbox One's launch line-up.


Episode 89: The Needless Epic

20 Games. Too much time. This week: the boundless joy of Tearaway, the destructive potency of Battlefield 4: Second Assault on Xbox One, and the sarcastic charm of Stick It To The Man. Also: Unnecessary Length.

Video: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Review

Predictably, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes turns out to be yet another tremendously entertaining LEGO title from Traveller's Tales... regardless of how old you are.

Video: Soul Calibur 2: HD Online Review

It may be over-priced and somewhat lacking in features, but Soul Calibur 2 still shines like a diamond in HD eleven years on.

Battlefield 3: My Week In Batters vol. 14

It's garbage day for Battlefield 3... in the face.