Monthly Archives: December 2013

Video: Fightback Review

DmC creators Ninja Theory return with an iOS brawler that's good mindless fun... until it reveals its off-putting true colours.

Xmas Special #1: The Underrated Games Of 2013

2013's first (of two) Xmas specials, in which Chet and Jon hammer through the most underrated games of the year.

Video: Battlefield 4: China Rising Review

China Rising is another solid Battlefield 4 expansion... but it ain't no classic.

Video: Super Mario 3D World Review

Super Mario 3D World is easily 2013's most predictable Game of the Year contender.

Video: Stick it to the Man Review

Launching during silly season clearly hasn't helped it, but PSN oddity Stick it to the Man is still well worth seeking out.

Video: Peggle 2 Review

PopCap's new Peggle sequel is every bit as good as the first two games... just don't expect innovation.


Episode 92: Ill Behaviour

20 Games In An Amount Of Time. This week: why Gran Turismo 6 is business-like, how Blacklight Retribution out-guns Killzone, and just what the hell is going on with Battlefield 4. Also: two sick idiots.