Monthly Archives: March 2014


Episode 106: Genuine Duo Of Chaps

20 Games In Ages. This week: how Infamous Second Son pushes the PS4, why Alien Isolation has the scariest AI in the business, and what Oculus Rift brings to Eve Valkyrie. Also: special guest star Samuel Roberts, editor of PC Gamer.

Video: Along Came a Spider Review

Raoghard's 2010 XBLIG platformer (now on Steam Greenlight) is stylish and very clever... just not all of the time.

Video: Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent Review

Unsurprisingly, The Last Agent turns out to be a deeply sub-par offering that brings Dead Rising 3's DLC season pass to an extremely underwhelming close.


Episode 105: Slagshot

10 Games In An Hour. This week: more glory in Titanfall, cognitive dissonance in Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes, and aerial ballet in Luftrausers. Also: Special Shorter Episode.

Video: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

Hardcore aficionados will get their money's worth, but for all of the excitement and anticipation it creates, Ground Zeroes simply can't shrug off its problematic status as a demo.

Video: God of Light Review

With the exception of its suspicious and deeply unwelcome microtransaction structure, God of Light is an excellent iOS puzzler.