Monthly Archives: May 2014

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Episode 115: Lobotomised Beauty On The Bed

20 Games In Ages. This week: hacking in Watch_Dogs, slashing in Transistor, and revenging in Wolfenstein The New Order. Also: Brain Surgery.

Video: Don’t Forget About Super Time Force

An inexplicably muted launch hasn't helped it, but trust us: don't let Capybara Games' superb Super Time Force pass you by.

Video: Cel Damage HD Review

Why it was remade in the first place is anyone's guess, but a complete lack of frills ends up working in favour of this straightforward, no-nonsense remix.

Video: Wolfenstein The New Order Review

Wolfenstein: The New Order may not fully exploit its own outlandish concept, but you really can't argue with a class act like this.

Video: Titanfall Expedition Review

Titanfall's first map pack is more than solid, and features at least one wholesale classic.


Episode 114: Don’t Let Me Get In My Zone

This week: Nazi-blasting in Wolfenstein The New Order, map-packing in Titanfall, and arrow-dodging in Towerfall Ascension. Also: Don't Let Him Get In His Zone.


Episode 113: Hallelujah

10 Games In An Hour. This week: failing to explain the genius of Super Time Force, piledriving in Ultimate Fighting Bros, and tuneful screen-tapping in Record Run. Also: Heavenly Choruses.