Monthly Archives: December 2014

Xmas Special #2: The Finest Games Of 2014

The second Xmas special of 2014: Chet and Jon break down their top 20 games of the year… each.

Video: Ghost Squad Review

Even ten years on, Ghost Squad remains one of the very best videogames of its kind.

Video – GoT: Iron from Ice Review

Another strong effort from the master storytellers at Telltale.

Xmas Special #1: The Underrated Games Of 2014

The first of 2014′s two Xmas specials, a rundown of the most underrated games of the year. NOTE: Apologies for the occasionally poor audio in the opening fifteen minutes.

Video: Super Smash Bros. Review

The Wii U version of Nintendo's evergreen cartoon brawler shows the company operating at the top of their game.

Video: The Crew Review

The Crew offers a deeply impressive sandbox world... it's just a shame that there's nothing interesting to do in it.

Video: Dragon Age Inquisition – The First Ten Hours

Based on the first ten hours of Inquisition, Bioware appear to be on form in a very big way.