The final episode, featuring Chet and Jon’s Top 10 Games Of All Time, plus an extended listener Q+A. Also: Fin.

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6 Responses to Episode 145: Reassuringly Finite

  1. Mr Ben says:

    Cheers and thanks for all the podcasts…I’ll miss you terribly.

  2. RandomNameHere says:

    I’m about four hours deep into the final episode as I type but cheers for the shows, genuinely sorry to see it go and quite annoyed with myself that this is the first time I’ve reached out beyond the odd YouTube comment and talking about the show on the Rllmuk podcast thread once in a while. I know everybody is saying the same thing at the moment but I really have enjoyed listening to what you have had to say, it’s got me through plenty of commutes but I think more importantly as a slightly older (mid thirties) listener with a wife and kids you guys have kinda taken up the role of games talk in my life that most of my social circle have aged out of in recent years even if it was basically me eavesdropping on a conversation you would be having with or without my presence.

    I’ll be another person who says I understand your reasons for calling it a day and as someone who wanted to be a games journalist for about five minutes in the mid to late 1990s before I realised what it actually entailed it was really interesting to hear some candid conversation about the state of the profession today away from your most basic duties is like.

    As I said, I really will miss the show. It might sound creepy to say it feels like I am losing a couple of friends because the relationship is so one way but it kinda does. Maybe more like losing colleagues you are fond of is a more apt description, I’m not the most articulate man in the world so I hope you know what I mean.

    This really is a goodbye, sadface.jpg and all that, so best of luck for the future. Peace.

  3. matt says:

    Will miss the show…dont want to listen to final episode to know it will be the last. Thanks guys. One of my favorite podcasts is gone, and i will miss you guys and podcast deeply. Enjoy your continued life pursuits. So long..

  4. Bobby says:

    Cheers for the podcasts guys, you will be missed. My thoughts echo RandomNameHere’s comments.

  5. Jello says:

    I missed the chance to send a message in time for the show and therefore my chance to express my gratitude for the excellent podcast and YouTube work that you’ve produced over the past few years.

    I’ll really miss the show as it was the one of the last bastions of game focussed analysis. The games media has been devolving into the same click bait and indignant outrage as the rest of the media but was at the crest of the wave due to the tech savvy nature of gamers. How you avoided the furore last year was both commendable and admirable.

    I’ll really miss the show, my commutes will be all the more unendurable without it.

    Hope to hear you pop up on Midnight Resistance in the future maybe?

  6. Finally got round to listening to this..
    RandomNameHere says it best really. Feeling a bit sad, but ultimately happy with all the time I spent listening to this whilst staring off into the distance, pretending to work.

    Bit surprised Ecco the Dolphin, didn’t get more mentions, but here we are.

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