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Video: Evolve Review

Evolve's dicey public appearances pre-launch clouded the view of what can be a uniquely exciting and entertaining cooperative shooter.

Video: BF Hardline – Beta Impressions #2

Impressions of the second (and final) Battlefield Hardline beta.

Video: #IDARB Review

Welcome to #IDARB. Everyone needs to play #IDARB.

Video: Dying Light Review

Techland's glorious pseudo-Dead Island sequel is arguably the first true must-have of 2015.

Video: Funk of Titans Review

Funk of Titans is a cheap and immensely drab £10 Xbox One exclusive that belongs on iOS... for free.

Video: Saints Row – Gat out of Hell Review

The presentation is pretty wobbly on console, but Gat out of Hell is nevertheless entertaining (and amusing) enough to recommend.

Video: Halo 5 Beta Impressions

Guardians is shaping up pretty nicely, but at this point it doesn't particularly feel like Halo.