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Episode 138: Sam Worthington On A Horse

This week: Creaky rooftops in Assassins Creed Unity, crashing volleys in PES 2015, and cheeky grunts in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Featuring Special Guest Samuel Roberts, PC Gamer Editor.

Video: Fantasia Music Evolved Review

The target audience may be young children, but Harmonix's bold new project can be enjoyed by anyone.

Video: Sunset Overdrive Review

Once it stops being comprehensively crap, Sunset Overdrive shifts up a few gears and promptly turns into an absolute blast.

Video: The Evil Within – The First Sixteen Hours

The final stretch is the strongest, and The Evil Within bows out as a sketchy but solidly recommended horror frolic.

Video: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Review

The dreary campaign might be a series lowpoint, but thankfully Call of Duty's multiplayer is truly exceptional this year.


Episode 137: Bring The Ham

This week: Spaceying out in Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, spreadsheet tinkering in Football Manager 2015, and Colin Hunting in Sunset Overdrive. Also: Processed Pork.

Video: Alien Isolation – Crew Expendable Review

Crew Expendable is an extremely brief and unimaginative piece of downloadable content, that probably should have been given away free.