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Episode Index

As the title implies, this is an index that will eventually feature all of the games that have appeared on every single episode of Chet & Jon's Reassuringly Finite Gaming Playlist to date.


Episode 95: Getting Drunk Hosing Down Bears

20 Games In A Sizeable Amount Of Time. This week: how NBA 2K14 could be the best RPG on next-gen, why The Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Worlds is near-perfect, and the insipid awfulness of Killzone Shadow Fall. Also: inebriated ursine cleanliness.


Episode 50: A Treat Behind Every Door

20 Games In 40 Minutes. This week: how Aliens: Colonial Marines could be so bad it's good, a difference of opinion on Dead Space 3, and which 'art game' is the pinnacle of a blossoming genre. Also: Door Treats.


Episode 3: They’re All Uppities

20 Games in 40 Minutes. This Week: Why Rez still rules, how Binary Domain could have been a film and why Alan Wake is a monumental tool. Also: Uppities.


Episode 1: Chinny Reckoning And The Broken Perfect Videogame

20 Games in 40 Minutes. This Week: Why Soul Calibur V is maddening, why Ghost Trick is one of the smartest games on iOS and why Yakuza: Dead Souls is a forgivable trudge. Also: Chinny Reckoning.